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This isn't really comic related, but I wanted SOMEONE to see it!

Everyone seems to have made a custom case for their computer out of LEGO, but I've never seen a LEGO MOTHERBOARD!

This is a LEGO version of my nephew's motherboard from his HP computer.  I would have done my own motherboard, but I wasn't about to take my machine apart AGAIN.  Not after all the updating I had to do on it over the last few months.  If we were still doing the comic weekly, I'd have missed a few days during the rebuild.

Anyway... I tried to built it with the pieces I had.  There are a few off-color pieces, and some items that would come out better if I had more parts... if you'd like to contribute to my LEGO fund, let me know.

As for the motherboard itself, I made a few other changes due to LEGO restrictions or design.  I wanted a fan instead of just the heatsink.  I gave the machine another memory board.  If I had the right connector pieces, I would have added a new Video Card too.  Who uses dialup modems anymore, too?  ^_^

I should post some pics of some of the other random things I've made.

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